How To Earn 18.27 BTC For 2 Months. Detailed Instructions and Withdrawal Proofs

Dear Readers of CoinSpeaker Magazine,

Two Months ago we posted a review of Fresh Mining Cloud Mining Service. Today we would like to share our successful experience with you and post some withdrawal proofs.

Fresh Mining has been online for more than 6 months. CoinSpeaker team has invested 10 BTC on February 20, 2019. We have bought 3% daily mining contract with the total hashpower equal to 2000000 GH/s.

Withdrawal Proofs

Our withdrawals on Blockchain:


As you can see we have returned our initial deposit of 10 BTC and our net profit for 2 months is 8.271 BTC. The total withdrawal amount is 18.271 BTC. Now we decided to make daily reinvestment in order to double our daily profit.


As for now, Fresh Mining is one of the best cloud mining services on the market. They also have official Facebook Page and Telegram Group for investors. CoinSpeaker is proud that we were one of the first large investors that tested this service. We have found 1 diamond among hundreds of scams.

16 thoughts on “How To Earn 18.27 BTC For 2 Months. Detailed Instructions and Withdrawal Proofs

  1. Хороший отчет написан.Пожалуй,я вам поверю вам и присоединюсь к данному проекту.Хочу биткоины заработать.

  2. Hi

    How it there a investment for this or free to join..

    1. There are two ways to earn money with them. You can invest and buy hashpower or take part in Affiliate Program and earn up to 10% referral commission. They have all details on their website.

  3. It would seem sensible to have longer than 6 months to check it the site was likely to be sustainable.

    1. We have visited their office in London before investing 10 BTC. Fresh Mining has already proved to be legit by paying large amounts to us and many of our referrals. Usually scams stop to pay in couple weeks, so half year is a pretty good time. We will continue to monitor this project and post updates here.

  4. Wow Felicidades aunque tienes bastante dinero para invertir de verdad no tengo aun para invertir soy de venezuela y como sabras la situación aquí es muy dura espero que la página siga siendo buena para invertir con el tiempo. bendiciones y exito.

  5. Thanks for the review, guys. Today I have received my 40-th withdrawal of 1.46 btc. Here is link to blockchain

    1. How can i trust?

      1. They are officially registered in UK. We have visited their office in person. Also they paid out huge amounts to us and all our referrals.

  6. no tengo dinero para invertir si no con mucho gusto gracias por su propuesta

  7. the best investment at the moment. withdrawal I paid.

  8. Project seems nice and secure site. Thats why I invested 🙂 Long life fresh mining and welcome new investors. Lets earn together!

    1. How to invest?

      1. Just register on their website and follow instructions or ask online chat.

  9. Good project good invest

  10. Congrats! I earn with them too. So glad to find real company that pays!

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