Bitcoin Skyrockets To $7700

Bitcoin made a serious move in the past few hours as its price soared up to above $7,720 in just a few minutes. Legacy markets followed as the S&P500, the Dow, as well as gold and oil are all trading in the green.

Bitcoin Price Surges to $7,700

In a few quick hours, Bitcoin’s price marked a massive increase, surging up above $7,700 from about $7,060. The price has since retraced a bit as it’s currently trading around $7500, which is still about 5% on the day.

BTC/USD. Source: Binance

As it can be seen on the chart, Bitcoin traded around $7,100 for the majority of the time today, but it started moving up and reached a daily high of about $7,738 on Binance. Even though the price was rejected there, it’s still trading at a nice 5% increase on the day. With this latest increase, Bitcoin has almost fully recovered from the crash that took place on March 12th-13th.


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